The PALISADE project is managed by teams. The Steering team is the governing body over the entire PALISADE organization. The Crypto team makes recommendations regarding cryptographic protocols and secure parameter settings implemented in PALISADE. There are also several teams responsible for the software development and release mechanics. More detailed description of all teams can be found in the PALISADE governance document. The current members of the Steering and Crypto teams are listed below. Please also check out the list of PALISADE core and community developers.

Steering Team

David Cousins (Duality Technologies)
Lloyd Greenwald (CACI)
Yuriy Polyakov (Duality Technologies)
Kurt Rohloff (NJIT & Duality Technologies)
Steve Schwab (USC Information Sciences Institute)

Crypto Team

Shai Halevi (Algorand Foundation)
Andrey Kim (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
Daniele Micciancio (University of California, San Diego)
Yuriy Polyakov (Duality Technologies)
Vincent Zucca (Université de Perpignan Via Domitia)