The PALISADE community has merged the PALISADE project into the next-gen OpenFHE open-source FHE software libraryOpenFHE has all of the features of PALISADE, merged with selected capabilities of HElib and HEAAN.  

We invite you to check out the OpenFHE library at  You can also mail the OpenFHE community leaders at

Our community is committed to making security bug fixes in PALISADE, but primary development in PALISADE is moving to OpenFHE.

Homomorphic Encryption (core PALISADE library)

PALISADE is an open source project. The current stable release of the PALISADE software library is v1.11.9. The stable release can be downloaded here.

Installation instructions and further technical documentation for the stable release are available on the PALISADE git repository wiki here.

PALISADE is under active development. The current development repository of the project can be found here.

The current development release of the PALISADE software is v1.11.2. The development release can be downloaded here. Please also see the release notes for more information on the capabilities that have not been included in the stable release yet.

We suggest experienced PALISADE users try out the current development release as it contains the latest crypto schemes as well as overall performance improvements. Once we have determined that the development release is stable, it will be migrated to the release repository.

Other Lattice-Based Cryptography Capabilities (extensions of core PALISADE library)

As of v1.11, we have moved digital signatures, identity-based/attribute-based encryption, and some research prototypes to separate git repositories (currently this change is only implemented in the master branch of the development repository). Below are the locations of the new repositories.

  • Research Prototypes (includes research prototypes for Key-Policy Attributed-Based Encryption and Program Obfuscation)

Ports of PALISADE to Other (non-C++) Development Environments

WebAssembly: port of PALISADE to JavaScript

Homomorphic Encryption Demos and Advanced Examples

There are also several git repositories with applications and more advanced examples that we encourage the PALISADE users to explore:

  • Encrypted Circuit Emulator: demonstrates how the PALISADE implementation of FHEW and TFHE can be used execute circuits described in various formats
  • Integer Examples: demonstrates how the PALISADE implementation of BFV can be used for encrypted substring search
  • Python Demos: includes a Python wrapper and examples showing how to write Python 3 applications that use PALISADE
  • Serialization Examples: shows examples of PALISADE serialization for cryptography applications between cooperating processes

If you want to get involved in the PALISADE project, please contact our team at